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TextToGo - All your Texts. In Sync. ToGo.

All your Texts. In Sync.



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No matter if you see it as the ultimate progress or yet another step towards the ruin of mankind, reality is:

We start working on a text, chapter, article at home, edit it on the train, refine it in the bathtub and trash it at our girlfriend's desktop only to start from scratch while being sandwiched in the middle row on a flight to who cares.

While doing so we want to have as little hassle and noise as possible.

We just want to focus on our text.
We just want to write.

What we don't want to do is to deal with problems and distractions and we most definitely don't want to read the manual first or guess how the App may work; or not.


That's why you will love TextToGo.

All your texts.
In Sync.

No matter whether you go by train, airplane, on foot, or just into the next bathtub, TextToGo is available for all your devices and will sync all your texts automatically in the background.

TextToGo will enable you to just write, to just be creative, to just focus on your text because it is designed with you, the writer, in mind. It is clean, simple (in its best meaning of the word) and reliable.

And yes, of course, it comes with all the things you'd expect from a good text editing App for Mac, iPad, and iPhone:

iCloud Support
Backup of Conflicted Texts (iOS)
Markdown Support
Find and Replace
Word Count
PDF Export
Open In
Imports TXT, MD, and HTML Files
Exports TXT and PDF Files
Keyboard Extension (iOS)
Optimized Fonts
Left to Right Support
Change Font/Font Size
PDF Preview (Mac)
Web Preview (iOS)
Typewriter Scrolling (Mac)
Typewriter Sounds (Mac)
Lots More



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